Monday, 17 August 2009


Welcome to my world, my aim is to see if I can get replies from companies around the world in response to some of the stupidest requests I can muster.

As you will see, some take this in the right way - others, not so much (see the S.W.F.C as an example). But all in all, I'm looking to inject a little randomness into some poor soul on the end of the endless requests and questions that are no doubt pouring into their generic inboxes.

The advent of email and the internet has no doubt meant that if someone wanted to complain about something, then they can do it more easily than ever before. I for one, know that I have never been arsed to write an actual letter to any company...but the dawn of www. has given even the slovenly the chance to air grievances.

Enjoy! And if you've got any ideas for companies or subjects for Doctor DukeGuy to use - email doctordukeguy "at" googlemail dot com.

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